How to mute the door lock How to design the mute door lock

- May 31, 2019-

Indoor mute door lock

1, indoor silent door lock

Studies have shown that when a sudden noise reaches 60 decibels, 70% of people can wake up, affecting sleep and causing fatigue. In the field of door locks, the door lock products used by most residents at present are generally more than the decibel value between the opening and closing of the door, thus impairing the quality of family life to a certain extent.

The door lock introduces the "Indoor Silent Door Lock" series, which has a sound level as low as 45 decibels, which is about 35% lower than the average door lock product. It is understood that the series of door locks have been authorized by the country's three utility model patents.

According to industry insiders, the introduction of indoor silent door locks effectively reduces the noise problems caused by door locks in daily life, especially for bedrooms, libraries, hospitals, schools, etc. that require silence, as well as elderly, children, and pregnant women. Or the patient's family.

In response to the problem of the noise of the traditional door lock products, the mute door lock mainly made the following technical research and development:

► The slanting tongue adopts a spherical design and is embedded with a high-strength nylon silent apron, which greatly reduces the collision surface with the gusset metal, and cooperates with the high-strength silent oblique tongue guide sleeve to effectively reduce the noise generated by the telescopic movement of the tongue.

► The original patented gusset shrapnel design greatly buffers the slanting tongue closing force. The inner wall of the buckle box is made of high-strength sound-absorbing plastic, which avoids the collision between the side of the slanted tongue and the metal of the gusset plate, and greatly reduces the noise of the switch door.

► The inside of the lock body is treated with five-fold silencer to effectively reduce the noise generated by the movement of the parts.

· Unique cushion spring and slider pad design, effectively cushioning the slider to collide with the inner wall of the lock.

·The slider rubber pad and the oblique tongue guide sleeve form a plastic slide rail to prevent the oblique tongue and the slider from directly colliding with the metal inside the lock body.

·Specially set peach pad, buffering the peach resetting force, help the door lock to silence.

·The lock tongue and the slider are fixedly connected, so as to avoid looseness and avoid noise caused by motion collision.

·The oblique tongue sleeve has O-shaped soundproof rubber ring, which can effectively reduce the collision between the oblique tongue and the slider and reduce noise.

[Voice decibel reference]

0-20 decibels: As if the leaves are falling, it is almost undetectable to people;

20-40 decibels: quiet, like a dripping sound;

40-60 decibels: like a library, bedroom, etc., talk softly;

60-80 decibels: noisy, as if you are in a busy traffic in downtown area;

80-100 decibels: very noisy, nerve cells are destroyed;

More than 100 decibels: Unbearable, stay for a minute and be temporarily guilty.