How to make a good door lock for the wooden door?

- Jul 18, 2018-

How to make a good door lock for the wooden door?

The choice of door locks is also very important. The wooden door's mute lock is deeply concerned by us. Today we will talk about wooden locks in door locks.

Wood door knowledge:

Door locks are very important. How to choose and how to maintain them is a matter of great concern to us. Although the door lock is only a small hardware item, its function is very large indeed. The quality of door locks determines the secrecy of the bedroom to a large extent. If there is a problem with the door lock, the bedroom will be prone to problems. Therefore, when buying a door lock, we need to fully understand the knowledge of wooden doors and make a careful decision.

Generally speaking, all door locks need to be electroplated, painted or coloured before they leave the factory. These steps are beneficial to the door lock itself. After a certain treatment, the state of the door lock surface is much better, so it can play the role of anti-corrosion and antioxidant. Such a door lock is not only lighter in weight, but also feels worse when used.

The quality and technology guarantee of hardware is still acceptable, and domestic and foreign manufacturers still attach great importance to it. Although some small manufacturers will not perform according to the standards to save costs, big brands will abide by the standards. Therefore, when choosing a door lock, we should try to choose a well-known door lock. This is a knowledge of wooden doors that we need to know.

In general, the lubricant must be used, so that the agility of the door lock can be guaranteed, and the service life is a good guarantee, which is very critical. A good check should be carried out regularly. I also need physical examination. Besides, check whether the fastening screws are loose.

Then, some graphite powder is a good choice, it can guarantee smooth. But it should be noted that it is best not to use oil to avoid grease sticking to this part, causing the lock to not rotate and not to open the bedroom door.

It is necessary to check these details carefully. In addition, we should pay attention to the cold shrink and thermal expansion caused by climate change. Ensure that the door and door frame, lock body and lock buckle plate with reasonable clearance, to ensure that the use of door locks smoothly, this is what we need to know about wood knowledge.

Reference items: place and importance of use; use of environment, conditions and requirements; coordination with the installation environment; family members' status: protection to the needs of each family; family economic endurance: to choose within the scope of its own. The choice of door locks should not only pursue the best, but suit your needs.

Although the door lock is small, we should pay more attention to it. When buying a door lock, we must make more comparisons and choose carefully. This is a knowledge of wooden doors that we need to know.