How to install the three-fold steel ball slide?

- Mar 26, 2019-

1. First determine the depth of the drawer or the wardrobe door. The depth of the cabinet must be 10mm more on the basis of the length and width of the drawer.

2. For the example of drawer with a length and width of 500mm, the length and width of the selected three-section steel ball slide should be 500mm.

3. The following is the mounting hole position of the three-section slide rail. The first hole position of the inner rail can be seen as 35mm.

4. The general steel ball slide rail can be fixed by only two screws. Firstly, the position of the first hole position is good for the drawer. In order to make the drawer have the movable space, 2mm should be reserved, so the mark is 37mm position, the upper and lower positions According to the actual drawer design.

5. The second screw hole position is drawn on the first hole position by a balance line. According to the actual hole position on the slide rail, the screw is used to attack or according to the hole position mark provided by the slide rail manufacturer, and the hole position of the inner rail on both sides is completed. Marking is complete.

6. The inner rail installation is basically the same as the fourth step, and the first hole is marked at the 37 mm position.

7. After completing the marked position, separate the inner rails of the two side rails from the outer rail.

8. After the slide rails are separated, align the marked position with the slide rails and install the screws.

9. After the screw is installed, align the inner rail of the slide rail with the outer rail and push it forward.

11. Confirm that your drawer is pushed and pulled freely. If there is any problem, check if the installation is wrong. If there is no problem, your three-section steel ball slide will be installed.