How to install the room lever door lock?

- Apr 28, 2019-

1, determine the direction of opening the door

The general door has 4 opening directions, which are left outer, left inner, right inner and right outer. Confirm the direction of the door before installation to avoid reverse conditions.

2. Adjust the front and back position of the oblique tongue according to the direction of opening the door.

Some products have the function of left and right reversal. The course changes the direction of the oblique tongue according to the following steps, and then the inner and outer wrench sets are reversed, and the direction can be reversed.

(1) Turn the lock body upside down to separate the slanting tongue positioning piece.

(2) Easily push the oblique tongue to the space position, select to rotate 180 degrees to loosen, and restore to change direction.

3, special device handle change

In the center of the door thickness, make a width, depth and depth according to the size of the lock body hole. Dig a panel hole according to the height dimension of the panel (3MM), and ask the panel to be flush with the door. The position of each hole shall be dimensioned according to the figure, and shall not be changed at will, and shall not be skewed.

After the above introduction, I believe that everyone must feel that the installation and removal of the door lock is very simple. I believe that everyone has already learned it. If you need it later, you must follow this step. After the door lock is removed, we can take it to buy our favorite door lock. It can be installed according to the above instructions, and it is very simple.