How to install the parking lock?

- Mar 06, 2019-

How to install the parking lock?

The installation position of the parking lock is generally installed at 1/3 of the middle entrance of the parking space, and the installation conditions are required on the ground of the cement. If the parking space of the community is tile or color brick floor, the thickness of the brick is required to be more than 5 cm. If the requirement is not met, the prefabricated installation of the ground can be carried out in advance, and the prefabricated area is determined according to the outer dimensions of the parking lock.

Installation tool

Power supply with tens of meters of wire, electric drill (drill 12 or 14), hammer, nut ferrule, tape measure, expansion screw (m10 * 10 or m10 * 8).

installation method

1. Use a tape measure to place the position and then square it.

2, connect the power supply, first use the electric drill to align the screw hole to make a mark, then take the lock to align the mark and punch, the drill should be positive, the depth should be about the length of the screw.

3. Re-align the lock, insert the screw into the insert and hammer it in, and finally tighten it with the nut sleeve.