How to install the electric lock?

- Mar 06, 2019-

How to install the electric lock?

1. Close the door first, determine the center line of the door and the door frame, and then align the sticker in the electric lock box with the center point.

2. Open the hole in the door frame according to the hole position shown on the sticker.

3. Install the lock body on the door frame, place the baffle on it, and fix it with screws.

4. Install the lock on the door in accordance with the instructions of the electric plug lock.


1. The position of the lock tongue and the lock should be aligned, and the installation should be proper and firm. Improper installation can cause the lock tongue to be out of position and the lock body to heat up, and the life of the lock will be drastically reduced.

2. The delay of the lock can be adjusted to 2.5 seconds. When the door is closed, it will not be shaken and then locked.