How to install the door lock?

- Jun 21, 2018-

1, the installation of a spherical door lock should be paid special attention to, can only take the end of the insurance with the dismantling, to install, can not take the key with the end of the installation, the best installation carefully read the instructions before the installation.

2, the installation of the lock should be paid attention to: if the left open and right open exchange, can not cause the opening of the handle to carry, because the current market in the high and middle of the lock has the function of the right and left, not to consider the direction of the door open.

3, when installing the lock and spherical door locks, use the original one to one installation instructions.

4. When the door locks are installed, the door lock must be unloaded when the door is painted, so as to avoid exposing the paint to the exposed parts.

5, during the construction period, in order to protect the lock, it is not allowed to wrap the lock out of the lock paper (including the beautiful paper), otherwise it will damage the protection film on the surface of the door lock.