How to identify the lock at home is the core lock?

- Dec 22, 2018-

How to identify the lock at home is the core lock

 “Which lock is a core lock?” “What does the key of the core lock look like?” “How do you judge whether the core lock is used at home?”

    According to the different principles of the lock cylinder, the anti-theft door locks on the market currently have marble locks, blade locks, magnetic locks, IC card locks, fingerprint locks, etc., which are used by Hangzhou residents at home. It is a pin lock and a magnetic lock, such as a letter lock, a cross lock, a computer lock, etc., all belonging to a pin lock.

    The core lock is designed by the principle of positive and negative poles of the magnet. The key has a magnetization point, which can correspond to the magnetization point on the lock, instead of being locked and closed by the lock gear like the traditional lock. However, the magnetic properties of the magnetic core lock will disappear with the use time. The longer the time, the more obvious the degaussing phenomenon. In the end, the magnetically eliminated key may even appear in different locks.

    To identify whether the door lock used in the home is a magnetic core lock, the easiest way is to see if the key is magnetic. If the key can be sucked up by the magnet, it can basically be judged that the lock is a magnetic core lock. In addition, the appearance of the core lock key is not jagged like other keys, the key lever is relatively smooth, and is embedded with small dots or small projections. The core lock was very popular when it was first introduced to the market a few years ago, but because of the large safety risks, the newly renovated households in the past few years have already