How to do home burglaring, don’t let thieves take advantage of

- Apr 29, 2019-

1. Do a good job of neighborhood relations and take care of each other;

2. Install security doors and windows produced by regular manufacturers as much as possible;

3. Install home safes as much as possible in the concealed place at home to store valuables such as cash, passbooks, jewelry, etc. It is best not to let the child know and own the safe password or key;

4. Prevent opportunities for criminals to be provided due to unreasonable layout around the house, such as a small shed built downstairs or a prominent security net at the bottom of the building;

5, for home repair, delivery, gifts, people must identify their identity. Educate children not to open doors to strangers easily;

6. Clear the advertisements and flyers inserted in the door joints and door handles in time. If the cleaning is not timely, the thieves will think that there is no one in the family for a long time and boldly stealing;

7. Don't hang the keys of your home on your child's neck. This is easy for the thief to swindle the key. The key should not be thrown away, and the key should be replaced if the key is lost.

8, learn to confuse the soul. When the family is out for a short time in the evening, it is best to light up the lights or turn on the TV; when going out for a long time, you can dry some clothes on the balcony;

9. Find a babysitter to check his ID card and apply for a temporary residence account;

10. If you find that you are stolen from your home, don't rush to check your belongings. Protect the scene and pay attention to the report.