How to determine the hinge installation position

- Mar 24, 2019-

1, ordinary door hinge installation position

Usually, the ordinary door hinge should be installed in one quarter of the door. The purpose of this is to make the hinge force more uniform and to ensure that the door can be normally switched.

2, pipe door hinge installation position

The pipe door hinge is also called a spring hinge, which is a hinge with a spring device that automatically closes the door. In the case of such a hinge, the best installation position is one third of the door's up and down direction.

3, other door hinge installation position

In addition to the above two types of door hinges, there are T-shaped door hinges, core-type door hinges, nylon washer hinges, detachable hinges, and the like. Other door hinge mounting positions can be as follows: the upper door is 18 cm from the door and the bottom is 20 cm from the ground.