How to create a real anti-theft, non-porous smart lock

- Nov 20, 2018-

How to create a real anti-theft, non-porous smart lock

The safety of locks in people's lives is becoming more and more important. Modern locks have been developed for more than a hundred years, and people have studied their structure and mechanism very thoroughly. Therefore, methods and tools for unlocking without a key are also emerging. Because the Achilles heel of traditional mechanical locks has keyholes, it is impossible to prevent technical means to unlock through the keyhole.

The keyless hole lock is the safest, no one can open it, but it can't be unlocked when the fault occurs. The emergency is inconvenient! Although the electronic lock is easier to unlock than the mechanical lock, it is emergency with a mechanical key, so it is not anti-theft. Therefore, whether it is a mechanical lock or an electronic lock, their common problem is the contradiction between safety and convenience.

According to the global hardware network reporter, the current various electronic locks should be called electronic mechanical locks. The development of locks is from mechanical locks to electromechanical locks, and finally to non-porous electronic locks. There is a qualitative leap in anti-theft and usability, which is the ultimate form of lock.

As the leader of the new generation of electronic locks, it has the "three high" features of "high security, high convenience and high privacy". This is a feature that cannot be possessed by any electronic locks at home and abroad. The birth of the top lock has broken. The high-end locks are monopolized by foreign products. The technical performance surpasses the existing lock technology in the world and becomes the vane of the development of lock technology. It is the pride of China's lock industry. Its promotion and use will make people's home life truly enter a safe, convenient and fashionable electronic age.