How to clean the hinge How much do you know about the maintenance of the hinge?

- May 29, 2019-

How much do you know about the maintenance of the door hinge? The door hinge is a very important door hardware component, just like the weapon in the samurai hand. Its main function is to combine two things together as a connection point to make the object play a greater utility, and people usually do not put the hinge When doing the same thing, the rust is broken and replaced directly. However, doing so not only causes waste of money but also pollutes the social environment. To reduce or eliminate this disgusting cycle, the practice is very simple. As long as everyone pays more attention to the maintenance of the hinges, do the following:

1, should try to keep the hinges clean and dry, if the water should be wiped dry with toilet paper in time to avoid the formation of a watermark.

2. Do not use steel balls or hardened cloth to wipe, or use chemical cleaning agents or acidic liquids to avoid damage to the surface, causing scratches and erosion.

3, can be appropriate to apply a layer of glazing wax on the surface of the hinge, and use a regular rub to keep the light new, which can effectively prevent the corrosion of other substances.

4. When cleaning the hinge, you should gently wipe the stain on the surface with a soft cloth, then wipe it with a cloth strip with anti-rust oil to keep the page dry.

5, the appropriate use of lubricants, in order to avoid the noise caused by the hinge when rotating, it is recommended to use once every 3 months.

I believe that the above hinge maintenance points can make the hinge life longer.