How to choose the hinge specifications?

- Mar 24, 2019-

Since the specification of the hinge refers to the size of the hinge, it is definitely necessary to determine the hinge specification before installing the hinge. And this matter is a problem for many friends. Let's talk about how to choose the specifications of the hinge.

The most important function of the hinge is to connect the two parts so that they can be combined into one and can rotate normally. For example, the hinge on the door is fixed on the door and the side is fixed on the frame. We can open or close it smoothly when using it. Therefore, if a hinge wants to play its role, it should have certain bearing capacity and smoothness.

When choosing a hinge, you should consider the size and weight of the door and window doors, and then look at the hinges of the specifications to get them running. For example, the common kitchen door in the home, if it is solid wood, the door will be heavy, the choice of 6-inch hinge is comparable; if the material is stainless steel or other metal, the weight will be smaller, you can choose a 4-inch hinge.

Generally, the wooden door of the household is 4 inches or 100 mm long; the width is according to the thickness of the door, and the 40 mm thick door is equipped with a hinge of 3 inches or 75 mm; the thickness is calculated according to the weight of the door, light, hollow, A person who does not need to work hard, use a 2.5mm thick hinge, solid, relatively heavy, choose a 3mm thick hinge.