How to choose the hinge?

- Mar 21, 2019-

The door hinge generally has four bearings. The quality of the door hinge depends mainly on the quality of the bearing. Relatively speaking, the larger the bearing diameter, the better. The thicker the wall is, the better, the hand is flat and the hinge is one piece, so that the other piece can slide freely. And slower is better. The choice of spring hinges is mainly to identify the brand, the springs of the small brand hinges are mostly aging and fatigue, causing the cabinet door to sag. Stainless steel and steel plate hinges are thinner, but have good toughness and are not easily broken. Although the cast iron hinges are thicker, they are easy to break. Some merchants deliberately deceive consumers, saying that the thicker and more expensive the siding, the different materials. When selecting the spring hinge, also pay attention to the lack of adjustment screws on the hinge, because this screw is not easy to match, not sold.

The thickness of the hinge wall of the door is related to the weight of the door leaf. Generally, the door leaf of 40 kg or more, the thickness of the hinge wall of the door should be 3.2 mm or more. Most of the 10 yuan one-door hinges do not have full bearings, generally two are really two fake. The price of spring hinges is quite different. The well-known brands have thicker siding and fine workmanship; the small brands have thinner slabs and rough workmanship. The glass hinge has the intermediate shaft and the upper and lower shafts. The intermediate shaft needs to be punched and used less and less; the upper and lower shafts do not need to be punched, which is the choice of most consumers. The glass hinge is equipped with glass nails and glass holders. It is available in all stainless steel and stainless steel. All stainless steel is more expensive.