How to choose password locks for purchase of knowledge locks?

- Aug 09, 2018-

How to choose password locks for purchase of knowledge locks?

The password lock is an electronic product which controls the circuit or chip work by inputting the password, thus controlling the mechanical switch closing, and completing the task of unlocking and locking. How to choose the password lock? Let's introduce the password lock to purchase knowledge.

Manufacturer's choice:

It includes whether the manufacturer provides a formal inspection report, the quality of the lock core provided by the manufacturer, the circuit board and electromechanical scheme and its service life. The formal manufacturers can provide the state authority to mainly refer to the security certificate of the Ministry of public security, a perfect quality management system, and the patent technology of its own through the international market standards. Only those products that meet the above requirements can be used safely.

The stability of the electronic door lock software system and the corresponding hardware environment:

Most of the anti-theft electronic password lock manufacturers emphasize their hardware and equipment, but it is very important that the software system of anti-theft electronic password lock is very important, which is directly related to the security level of the anti-theft electronic password lock. The excellent anti-theft electronic code lock provides the chip and embedded program of the world's top suppliers, and the software technology is mature and reliable.

After sale guarantee, there are professional after sales personnel:

Appropriate after-sales service personnel, not only can make users feel warm, more important is the good after-sales service guarantee system, provide professional anti-theft electronic password lock services, at any time to solve users' problems, guide users to better and reasonable use of products, guarantee the comfort of the user. Without perfect after-sales service system, even the best products are not the best products.

Installation service:

The correct installation of the anti-theft electronic password lock is directly related to the safety and service life of the product, which requires professional installation personnel, if it can only provide products, but can not provide professional installation, or installation needs the user to solve it, such anti-theft electronic password lock products can not be selected.

Maintenance after the warranty period:

The service of many manufacturers in the warranty period is usually satisfactory, but the service after the warranty period is difficult to guarantee or is too high, which directly affects the maintenance cost of the user, including the high cost of the replacement of the key. When purchasing products, we can not simply look at the products and services within the warranty period, the guarantee of services after the warranty period and long-term maintenance costs must be considered comprehensively.