How to choose indoor door locks Bedroom door locks to buy tips?

- May 23, 2019-

First, choose from the function

In home decoration, the appearance of ordinary hardware often causes serious safety hazards. Need to face up to the important position of the lock in the home:

1. Anti-theft function: Basic anti-theft function should be added in the entrance door, master room and study to ensure the safety of life and property. At present, the use of smart locks is more secure, and this is unquestionable. On the other hand, due to the security and intelligence of smart locks, the future of home lock intelligence and home intelligence will develop rapidly.

2, fire, escape function: the design of this function can avoid hidden dangers in life in an emergency. If the lock is not fireproof, the lock body will be deformed at high temperature, and it will be unable to open in a critical situation, delaying the escape timing.

3. Anti-bacterial function: Bacterial cross-infection is the most frequent among family members, and door lock is one of the most important routes of transmission.

Therefore, the antibacterial properties of the lock material are extremely important. Suggestion: In the kitchen and bathroom, it is easy to leave the bacteria. It is advisable to use a high-grade stainless steel door lock with antibacterial effect; children and the elderly have weak resistance, and high-grade stainless steel door locks should also be used.

Second, the preparation of the door lock before purchase

After determining the function of the door lock, according to the needs of the family, first determine the size and opening direction of the customized solid wood door, that is, you can prepare for the purchase:

1. Before purchasing the door lock, first count the door thickness and door frame width of the door that needs to be locked, so that the salesperson can configure the length of the lock cylinder and the width of the lock body.

2, the door has a single open, double open, left and right open points, you need to understand the opening of the door, so that the salesperson can configure the opening of the door lock. (Note: The hinge is mounted on the left side of the door and the left side is opened on the left side of the door.)

3, the color of the door and home decoration style.

4, door hardware as a supporting product of the door lock, should be kept in harmony with the design style of the door lock, shaping the overall beauty and maintaining the integrity of the design.

Third, you must pay attention when selecting and using the door lock

1. Choose brand-name door locks produced by manufacturers with quality assurance.

2. Pay attention to the door lock that is the same direction as your door.

3, pay attention to the width of your home door frame, the ball lock and handle lock can not be used on the door less than 90CM.

4. Pay special attention when installing the door lock. You can only fold the end with the insurance to install it. Do not fold the installation with the key.

5, do not drop the oil into the lock, if the key does not work, you can put some pencil core pin into the key eye. Special reminder: users in the life encountered in the case of unlocking, it is best to use pencil powder (graphite lubrication), and then insert the key to rotate a few times to restore smooth as ever. However, it is necessary to put oil, it is best to put a strong volatile oil, and there is no residue afterwards.

6. If the in-home insurance is inadvertently rotated to 90 degrees, it will become a permanent insurance. This can only be started with a key. Simply turn the insurance counterclockwise to 90 degrees to recover.

7. Do not wipe the lock body and handle with a damp cloth, rotate the lock tongue into the lock body, and then release the door after closing the door, otherwise the service life of the door lock will be reduced.