How to choose a home lock?

- May 15, 2019-

The lock is a general term for a protective article that protects the privacy or property of the individual. It is a loyal guardian and an indispensable object in home decoration. With the continuous development of society, people's requirements for the function, style and appearance of the lock have also undergone qualitative changes. Nowadays, there are many kinds of hardware locks on the market. How to choose a good lock is also a matter of learning.

Buy first understand the lock classification knowledge introduction:

1. Locks are classified by shape

Depending on the shape, the lock can be divided into padlocks, ball locks, locks, handle locks, and so on. The padlock is the oldest lock. The padlock body is equipped with a ring-shaped or "one" shape lock beam that can be fastened; a ball lock, the lock body is inserted into the door, and the lock and the insurance mechanism are placed on the ball. Inside the handle; the lock is a cylindrical structure, the lock of the flat keyhole; the handle lock is a lock with a handle for easy opening. You can choose the right shape lock according to your preferences.

2, the lock is divided according to the purpose

Nowadays, there are many kinds of locks on the market. In terms of door locks, door locks, bedroom locks, passage locks, bathroom locks, etc. are used according to the purpose.

Entry door lock: It is an insurance safety function, so it is also called a safety lock or an anti-theft lock. The entrance door is the gate of every family. It is a watershed outside the home. It must have a special function, which can play the role of insurance and security. Commonly used are multiple safety door locks and mortise steel door locks.

Bedroom door lock: Locked in the bedroom, it must be opened with a key outside the bedroom, suitable for bedroom and balcony doors.

Channel lock: handle and windproof function of the door, no insurance function. Suitable for door locks in kitchens, walkways, living rooms, dining rooms and children's rooms.

Bathroom lock: It is characterized by the ability to lock the door inside, with an emergency opening device on the outside, and a red or green display, or a small handle lock with the "someone" or "no one" display or the same function ball lock.