How to choose a good anti-theft alarm lock?

- May 18, 2019-

a, identification key

The burglar alarm lock should have an intelligent system that automatically recognizes the legal key to open, and requires the electronic lock function of the thief to unlock.

b, automatic alarm

The burglar alarm lock has a variety of sensors inside, so that when the door is smashed or forcibly destroyed, it will automatically alarm.

c, ID identification

The burglar alarm lock is a newly-recognized ID key, which means that the lost ID key can be cancelled. It can be used with a variety of alarms and can be used with an alarm.

d, automatic doorbell, emergency password

There must be a doorbell that comes with it, which saves the doorbell cost. The emergency unlocking password can be set to avoid the trouble that the key cannot be entered.

e, photoelectric induction

Intuitive and clear sound and light prompts, the intelligent alarm lock clearly and clearly indicates different working states with sounds, light pipes, etc. during operation and use.

f, low energy environmental protection

The power consumption of the burglar alarm lock is low, which ensures normal use for more than 2 years without frequent battery replacement. There must also be a power warning prompt so that the user can replace the battery in time.

g, reasonable structure

The heaven and earth lock structure makes the security door more secure. The intelligent alarm lock has a heaven and earth lock structure, and can be installed with a heaven and earth lock as needed to enhance the impact resistance of the security door.

h, strong compatibility

The anti-theft alarm lock can be compatible with the traditional lock design, so that it can be configured to operate with keys inside and outside the door to meet different needs.