How to change the password of the security door password?

- Mar 30, 2019-

Password locks for password security doors are mainly divided into mechanical password locks and electronic password locks, which can be reset. However, the setting method of each manufacturer is different. It is best to look for the manual, follow the instructions step by step, do not have the manual to find the corresponding manufacturer on the Internet, download the electronic version of the manual, or call the after-sales service to ask for the setting method.

Password security door password must first clear the previous password (each different password lock is cleared, follow the instructions for use), then follow the instructions to set a new password, enter the password and press ## to confirm, the door You can not close it first, and then close the door after setting it successfully to prevent mistakes in the middle.

There is also a password security door password lock can not be modified, generally more than the level 2 password disk anti-theft handle, the inside of the scale is fixed, can not change the handle password, you can choose to change a set of password holder.