How to change the password for the access code lock?

- May 18, 2019-

In general, the access control password lock has instructions for use. In case we have a whim to change the password but can't find the instruction manual, how should we change the password in this case? At this time, everyone does not have to be nervous. The following small series will introduce how to change the password for the access control password lock. Everyone can change the password easily.

How to change the password for the access code lock

Password access control setting modification method one

1. Initial password: The programming password is 9999, and the password is 1234.

2, enter the programming state: function settings (need to be in the programming state) door state monitoring requires the magnetic switch, when you turn this function on, there are two functions: First, if you enter the correct password and forget to close the door after opening the door, the buzzer will beep The user is prompted to close the door; secondly, if the door is illegally opened, an alarm signal output is activated, and the buzzer sounds a warning. This function is turned off at the factory setting.

3. Usage: Read a valid card in normal working condition to open the door; if you need to read the card plus password, enter the correct password within 10 seconds after reading the card to open the door; if a user forgets the card password If you want to delete the password, you can use the jumper switch “reset” on the motherboard to restore the factory settings. Turn off the power first, turn the jumper switch to the “on” position and then turn on the power. After the buzzer sounds three times, turn the jumper switch back to the “off” position to restore the factory settings. Please turn off the power before installing the wiring, do not operate with electricity! Under normal circumstances, the electric lock is taken out from the power controller.

Password access control settings modification method two

1. Enter the programming mode: press [*]+[6-digit programming password], beep twice, (red light flashes, green light is long. The factory programming password is 990101, the user must modify this programming after enabling the access control device) Password. If there is no programming command within 20 seconds, the system automatically exits the programming state.)

2. Modify the programming password: press [0]+[6-digit new programming password]+[repeat 6-digit new programming password], and beep twice; the setting is successful.

3. Set the door opening mode: card or universal password: press [1] + [0], beep twice; card plus personal password: press [1] + [1], beep twice;

4. Set the door opening time: press [2] + [TT], beep twice; TT means the door opening time, in seconds, if the unlocking time is 3 seconds, then TT=03;

5, set / modify the general opening password: press [3] + [4 new universal opening password], beep twice, the original 4 universal password is overwritten; press [3] + [0000], beep twice, Clear the "Universal Password";

6. Forced to restore the factory programming password: Remove the controller, short the J2 pin and release it (power on state), the controller beeps, then beeps twice, the controller can be restored to the factory programming password. .

Xiaobian introduced two ways to change the password access control password lock. You can change the password of the access code lock. Xiaobian suggested that you can write down the modified password, so you don't have to worry about forgetting the password and change the password frequently.