How to change the deadbolt lock?

- Feb 18, 2019-

How to change the deadbolt lock?

The replacement process of the latch is similar to the procedure followed when replacing the lock on the door that uses the door handle. The first step is to remove the outer panel so that you can access the internal bolt lock. Similar to the sequence of replacing the lock on the door handle, you must remove all parts of the lock from the door.

Then continue to clean up the blanks to make sure there are no fragments. It is important to make sure that nothing is blocking the hole so that the new bolt can work properly. Especially if your old lock is damaged using brute force. This is the best time to check the door to see if it is still compatible with the lock you are trying to install. 

Once this is done, it is important to replace the new bolt lock into the door. Make sure to load it in the right way, which means the latch will face up. When finished, the outer and inner cylinders of the lock should be inserted into the bolt. 

The final step is to properly lock the lock and screw everything back in place and check that the lock is working properly.