How to buy the door stopper?

- Mar 28, 2019-

Door suction purchase step 1: choose the brand

There is an ad saying that "believe in the power of the brand", it can be seen that if the brand is well-known, then the quality of its products will give us a better guarantee, we do not have to consider when buying Whether the quality of the quality has passed, and so on, it can be considered a lot of trouble for us.

Door suction purchase step 2: select material

Although this brand is very good, we can rest assured the quality of its products, but we know that no matter how good or bad its brand, it has relatively high-end or low-end products, so we have to choose the material of the door suction. At present, the door suction material on the market is varied, but after more use, the stainless steel door suction is the best, not only looks better than other door suctions, but also has much better performance.

Door suction purchase step three: practicality

There are two types of door suction, namely, wall suction and ground suction, which can be selected according to the situation at home, but it should be noted that sometimes the wall suction can only be installed on the skirting line, so that it is easy to pull the baseboard down for a long time. This situation is best to choose to suck.

The most important thing to buy is to use it. No matter how good it is, if it is not practical, it is superfluous to buy it. Here, the door suction us mentioned is mainly to consider whether there is any object behind the door that we want to use the door suction. Install the door on the wall and choose whether the general door suction can come in handy. If there is something behind our door, but we don't want to put the door on the ground, we should choose a longer door sucker.