How to buy a fingerprint lock?

- Mar 06, 2019-

How to buy a fingerprint lock?

(1) Look at the material

There are three main types of fingerprint lock materials, namely plastic, zinc alloy and stainless steel. Among them, the durability, fireproof and explosion-proof performance of plastics are the worst, followed by zinc alloys and stainless steel. Due to the complex internal security environment, domestic fingerprint locks are generally based on zinc alloy and a small amount of stainless steel fingerprint locks. In view of the national conditions, domestic consumers should choose stainless steel fingerprint locks when choosing a fingerprint lock, and it is necessary to remember the "words of two knocks and three volumes".

A look: look at the appearance. The fingerprint locks of the three materials are almost indistinguishable from the outside, thanks to the modern superb plating technology, which is made of different materials and looks almost similar to metal. The fingerprint lock of plastic material generally has a smooth surface and bright color, while the zinc alloy is slightly rough and sub-colored, and the stainless steel is the roughest and sub-colored.

Second knock: If it is difficult to "see" the fingerprint lock material, we can use "knock" to judge. Use your fingers to gently tap the side of the lock body (the front side is not easy to judge due to different materials such as touch screens). If the sound is murky or empty, it is generally more likely to be a plastic product. The sound is sharper and concentrated, there is not much diffusion, and the penetrating power is better. The zinc alloy has no sharp stainless steel sound, but it is much clearer than plastic products.

Three-dimensional quantity: If you can't judge the quality of the fingerprint lock material by using "see" and "knock", you can use one of the simplest and most useful methods to measure, that is, "quantity", everyone knows These three materials are light and heavy, and even if the internal weight of the plastic lock is sufficient (generally the plastic lock internal parts are made of plastic or inferior materials), there is still a certain difference from zinc alloy or stainless steel. It is.