How much is the security door for the lock core?

- Mar 03, 2019-

How much is the security door for the lock core?

For the question of how much to change the lock core, we have to analyze the specific problem. The lock core will vary in price depending on its quality and brand. It is cheaper to replace the D-class anti-theft door lock core used in general households. Generally, it is about 90 to 120 meters away. It is especially good for more than 200 yuan, and the service fee is also 50 to 200. Consumers should follow their own needs. Pick. Be careful to select a regular lock-up company that has been filed in the Public Security Bureau, so as to avoid leaving security risks and bring unnecessary trouble to your life. The following is a brief introduction to the price of the anti-theft door lock cylinder:

1, A-class lock cylinder

The A-class lock cylinder is a relatively common type of lock cylinder, which is used in the general security door on the market. Among the many lock cylinder levels, the A-level anti-theft coefficient is the worst, which is not conducive to theft. The price is relatively cheap, probably about 100.

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2, B-class lock core

The B-level lock cylinder is a little higher than the A-class anti-theft coefficient, and the degree of reliability is more worthy of people's trust. The price of this B-class lock cylinder is relatively moderate, after all, its anti-theft coefficient is not the highest. The price of the price is more than 200,300 and higher.

3, super B lock cylinder

The so-called super B level, of course, is more reliable than the B level. However, most of these levels are created and developed independently by the company. There is not much difference between the level of anti-theft and the level B. The better price is more than 600 RMB, and the general price is about 300.

4, super B-class blade lock core

Its anti-theft level is the highest and most reliable, and the production technology is also the highest. The focus of this level of lock cylinder is not easy to be discovered by thieves, and it takes at least 270 minutes to open. This kind of lock cylinder is also very expensive, generally more than 300, the quality is better than 800.