How does the traditional door lock hardware brand seize the market?

- Jun 19, 2018-

The competition in the traditional door lock hardware industry is becoming more and more fierce. Many brands choose to seize the market share by the way of discount promotion, and the demand for products is getting higher and higher, and many brands have not been able to maintain the development through price war. In the face of such fierce competition, how can the traditional door lock hardware brand enhance its competitiveness and seize the market?

Adhering to the concept of mute to create a high quality of life for consumers

Living noise can make people irritable, lack of sleep, affect hearing, reduce work efficiency, and ultimately reduce people's quality of life. With the continuous promotion of consumer upgrading, consumers in modern society pay more attention to the quality of life, urban hustle and bustle, impetuous people, busy living people, the bottom of the heart of a quiet living space, "quiet" love to enjoy the beauty of life.

The essence of consumption upgrading is people's yearning for a better life from blindly consuming to rational consumption. In order to adapt to the trend of consumption upgrading, we use mute patent technology, switch door noise reduction 60%, and solve 10 million household noise annoyance. As the leading brand of mute locks, we are facing more and more picky consumers.

Attract consumers with original design and personalized product

Consumers in modern society pay more attention to the quality of life. Products that are close to consumers' cultural tastes and individual needs are often more popular with consumers. This is not only the result of the development of door lock hardware industry, but also the motive force.