How can the lock industry seize the development opportunity in the challenge?

- Sep 14, 2018-

How can the lock industry seize the development opportunity in the challenge?

Locks, the word is unavoidable to ordinary people feel strange, but the lock of this product is absolutely necessary in our lives, from the house, car door lock, to the password box lock, it appears in our lives all the time, but we pay little attention to it.

In recent years, China's lock industry has been developing rapidly and now has become the world's largest producer and consumer of locks. At present, the annual sales of the domestic lock industry have reached more than 40 billion yuan, the production capacity has exceeded 2 billion sets, and the annual export volume has exceeded 10 billion yuan. The lock Market in China will grow by more than 20% per year in the future.

With the deepening of China's opening up to the outside world, high-grade buildings are developing rapidly, the prospects of high-grade locks market are optimistic, the market demand for high-grade locks is increasing year by year, and the strength of the brand will gradually appear.

Building brand to seize high-end market

The improvement of living standards and people's awareness of prevention. The demand for high-grade preventive locks is increasing. Faced with such a good prospect, how should hardware locks enterprises grasp the opportunity to reform?

According to reports, high-tech products such as biometrics and electronic technology are still basically in a blank stage in the consumer market for locks, but the demand of consumers in the market for these products has shown an annual growth of 40%. By 2012, China's domestic locks market will have high-tech products such as biometrics and electronic technology. The share of the product will reach 8 billion US dollars, a total of about 80000000 sets, which is absolutely a tempting cake.

The core technology of high-grade locks is in the hands of foreign manufacturers. In recent years, the core electronic components of high-grade electronic locks, such as IC cards, TM cards, fingerprint locks and other products are imported from abroad, which limits the price and performance expansion of high-grade locks in China.

Some high-grade hotels, hotels and other locks mainly rely on imports, domestic high-grade locks market is still controlled by foreign locks. The domestic lock industry has come to a profit when it comes to technology, to high-end and intelligent locks.

In recent years, China's locking enterprises have increased their efforts in the development of high-grade lock products, to actively refer to European and American standards for production, independent innovation technology continues to emerge, in the domestic and foreign market competition advantage is obvious. At the same time, famous foreign lock-making enterprises such as the United States, Italy, Germany, Japan, Canada and South Korea have accelerated the pace of entering the Chinese market. Local brands and foreign brands are confronting each other in the high-end lock market. Whoever takes the technical difficulties first can upgrade and get the biggest cake.

Overall, the lock industry in China is quite backward compared with foreign advanced technology, and lock manufacturers are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, low-level repetitive construction is serious.

At present, the competitiveness of many domestic lock-making enterprises comes from the low cost, the price war is fierce, but the profit of the lock industry is getting thinner and thinner. Some low-value-added padlocks need dozens of production processes to produce, but a lock only a few cents of profit. The industry of lock making is in urgent need of upgrading of technology and industry and updating the mode of brand innovation.

Innovation in lock industry requires enterprises to change their concepts, change the idea of imitation-oriented, master independent technology, increase investment in equipment, technology, research and development and patent innovation, improve the scientific and technological content of products, increase the degree of product differentiation; enterprises should focus on enhancing brand awareness and implementing brand strategy, so as to change their own position. Environment, seize the high-end market share, and promote the healthy and rapid development of the industry.

Many lockset enterprises are in the process of cleaning up the first pot of gold, and have no time to take care of cultivating brands. The time is short, the starting point is low, compared with foreign brands with a century of history, China's younger brands lack natural vitality.

Opportunities in the Post Crisis Era

In 2008, a serious financial crisis broke out in the world. China's light industry and manufacturing industry were also hit hard. In particular, the export oriented hardware industry in China is hard to escape from the lock industry. At present, most of China's lock enterprises are relatively small in scale, lack of brand appeal, low value-added products, poor quality... All these factors are restricting the development of China's lock industry.

However, by the beginning of 2010, with the effect of many "rescue" policies such as stimulating domestic demand and increasing investment, China has entered the post-crisis era, and the lock industry has begun to get out of the predicament. Domestic demand, according to the nine building materials network. A large number of hardware products, including locks, are needed in the state-initiated secure housing projects, rural infrastructure construction, railway, highway, airport and other infrastructure construction, and in the reconstruction of earthquake-stricken areas. This is a good news for lock enterprises. At the same time, the recent domestic real estate market is unusually hot, a large number of new building construction also promoted the demand for locks. With the introduction of a series of policies to stimulate exports, such as increasing export tax rebates, and the thawing of the international lock market, the demand for China's lock products has risen sharply, and the export business on which the lock industry relies has begun to rebound.

It can be said that the lock industry has re-entered a period of rapid development, production enterprises also ushered in new opportunities. At present, the order volume and export volume of our country's lock products have almost restored to the level before the financial crisis, and all the lock manufacturers have been fully equipped to start production again.

Innovating quality and improving market competitiveness

In one of his crosstalk episodes, Guo Degang, an unknown cross-talk actor, said, "The lock opens with a pinch of noodles, and a packet of instant noodles can open a small area." It's a joke, but it also reflects a problem: the quality of our locks needs to be improved.

Crosstalk episodes are, of course, extremely exaggerated, but it has long been proven that our locks aren't all very hard, though they won't be punctured by noodles.

One of the most important quality indicators of lock products is the product's mutual opening rate, that is, the same key can open several locks, the same lock can be opened with several keys.

At present, the mutual opening rate of world famous brand locks is only one in tens of thousands, the mutual opening rate of domestic excellent brand locks is also about one in six thousand, while the product mutual opening rate of some irregular locksmiths without production strength reaches one in thirty. Such locks have poor safety and reliability.

In addition, China's lock industry is still in a relatively backward state, and the average price of locks is also very low, the survey is only Britain, the United States and other countries 1/15.

In foreign countries, locks usually cost more than doors, because locks are the heart of doors. At present, the development of new varieties of locks abroad is very active, many new materials, new technology, new technology is constantly applied to the lock industry, by contrast, the innovation ability of Chinese lock enterprises is still relatively weak.

The quality of our products is not high, which means that our export lock products can only attract customers by low prices, can only occupy the low-end market, can only rely on low labor costs to earn a meal. And this meal is not so delicious, nor is it always enough to eat. Therefore, in order to avoid product quality failures, low-grade quality, and make good use of the good opportunities of export surge in the post-crisis era, we also need to continue our efforts to lock enterprises, develop new technologies, improve product quality, and strive for the future can eat a big meal. In order to achieve the goal of technological upgrading, we must go out, to see foreign advanced products, to be able to communicate and learn more with major international customers and brands.