Home safety needs to be cautious

- May 16, 2019-

Locks are the most important safety components of ordinary families. Due to the increasing number of shackles or unlockings, the importance of locks has increased. But in the face of a variety of locks, many buyers are confused, because these locks are either expensive or unsatisfactory. The following small series collects a few tricks to select locks, hoping to help everyone buy.

1, look at the lock material

The lock materials on the market are basically divided into stainless steel, copper, zinc alloy, iron steel and aluminum. Stainless steel has good strength, strong corrosion resistance and constant color. It is the best lock material; copper is more versatile, mechanical properties are superior, and the price is also expensive; high-quality zinc alloy is strong and wear-resistant, anti-corrosion ability is very strong, easy Forming, generally used to make mid-range locks. When you purchase, look at the lock material.

2, look at the surface treatment of the lock

The surface of the lock is generally treated by electroplating, spraying and coloring. Through these surface treatments, a protective film can be formed on the product to prevent corrosion and rust, and the product is more beautiful and durable, and can directly measure the quality of the product. . Look at the surface of the lock is smooth, smooth and good quality locks, generally using electroplating treatment, the coating is moderate, very uniform, bright colors, no signs of bubbles, rust and oxidation.

3, see the lock function design and key parts

There are many types of locks, and what kind of locks to choose depends on where they are used. Large brands with high quality requirements have very detailed product classifications for different functional requirements, such as channel locks, bathroom locks, storage locks, and door locks.

4, see the lock implementation standards

Foreign countries have very strict standards for hardware locks, so the quality of imported products is relatively superior. At present, the Ministry of Light Industry has used some foreign standards to revise the original GB to become a more demanding QB. In order to save costs, small manufacturers do not perform according to standards, and big brands implement standards when producing products.

5, see the lock instructions and quality inspection report

To see if there are instructions and installation instructions, the effort lies in the details. See if the product has passed the test of the relevant quality inspection department of the country. Generally, the technical indicators of the inferior door lock cannot meet the national standard. Then, carefully check that the accessories in the door lock package are complete.