Home door lock warfare, identification locks good or bad skills

- Aug 29, 2018-

Home door lock warfare, identification locks good or bad skills

Anti-theft is the ultimate ideal of modern people to buy all locks, but in fact most people do not know how to be a real anti-theft lock.

Reform and upgrading of anti-theft lock products

Because of the different value and function of home door locks and anti-theft door locks, the grade of demand is gradually toward two levels.

Although consumers prefer low-end indoor door locks, but high-end anti-theft door locks are gradually becoming the mainstream of the industry sales. This is mainly because the high-end anti-theft door locks have very high security protection performance, to protect the safety of users'lives and property. On the other hand, anti-theft door locks began to get rid of the shortcomings of bulky, single shape and so on, are generally joined in touch screen, password, fingerprint, and other high-tech, intelligent elements, more highlights the humanization.

According to the "2013-2017 China Hardware Locks Industry Analysis and Investment Prospects Forecast Report": With the increasing demand of various pillar industries and leading areas of society and the continuous improvement of consumer requirements, ordinary classical door locks have been difficult to meet and accept. Lock product reform and upgrading, quality optimization and upgrading is very urgent, high-tech, high-intelligence anti-theft door locks also arise at the historic moment.

Identification of locks and good skills:

1. According to the lock material judgment: this involves a lot of professional knowledge and various manufacturers of technology, generally for iron, steel, stainless steel, zinc alloy, if the material and process is not good, lock hardness is not enough, often easy to be vigorously clamped, hydraulic clamp cut.

2. Judge according to the key of the lock: there are many keys of the lock, cross, round mouth, crescent, a large number of shapes and colors, many keys are made of aluminum-ferroalloy, it is easy to be duplicated, the current better materials are steel, copper, and new electronic keys, higher security.

3. According to the thickness of the filler and steel plate to judge: you can install the anti-theft door to look at, generally the cat's eye from the door can see what is inside, if there is a cat's eye has been secured, and can not be unscrewed, you can see when the lock. Consumers can tap on the burglar door with their hands, and the sound sounds confirm that the steel plate is thick enough and the filler is solid. If the sound sounds "puff", it means that the thickness of the steel plate is not enough.

4. The more locks, the better. The real good locks are not the more locks, the better. There is no essential difference between four locks and 10 or 20 locks. No matter how many locks there are, the center is on the lock core, so long as the lock core is broken, more locks are useless.

5. Look at the Production and Sales License: Consumers can check the relevant certificate of the product, in addition to this production license, the manufacturer should also have the corresponding technical inspection certificate. Such as fire inspection report, sealing test report, so that we can have a general understanding of the technical performance of the product.