Hinge hinge purchase points

- Mar 21, 2019-

1, the appearance is flat, surface treatment is good

First look at the surface material of the hinge is flat, if you see scratches or deformation, the product is produced with waste; secondly, carefully observe the surface treatment of the hinge, draw a knife to see if you can see the yellow copper layer, or look at the hinge Inside the cup, if the cup shows the same black color or iron color, it proves that the plating layer is very thin and there is no copper plating. If the color brightness of the cup is close to other parts, the plating will pass. In general, the workmanship hinges are beautiful in appearance, small in clearance, and more reliable to use.

2, the material is corrosion resistant and the quality should be thick

When purchasing a hinge, it is necessary to choose according to the environment and material characteristics. When purchasing, you can also pick up the weight of similar products of different brands, and it is better to use a product with a thick quality.

Steel hinges are easy to rust, not suitable for use in humid environments; copper hinges have corrosion resistance and antibacterial function, suitable for use in bathroom; aluminum hinges are low in strength and generally thick; stainless steel decorative and functional It is better, it is a product that is widely chosen by many families, but be careful when buying it.

3, test screws, force adjustment

Use a screwdriver to adjust the upper and lower adjustment screws three to four times, then remove the screws and see if the hinge arm's teeth are damaged.

4, the bearing diameter is large, the wall has a thickness

The quality of the flat hinge depends mainly on the quality of the bearing. The larger the diameter of the bearing, the better. The thicker the wall, the better. The hand is flat and the hinge is one piece, so that the other piece can slide freely, which is better and faster.

5, close to hear the sound of the spring, loose test cup

Hinge closure is the function of a switch, so it is very important to close the outer and inner springs of the hinge and the rivet assembly.

Listening to the sound of the hinge is clear, if the sound is boring, it proves that the spring is not strong enough, and the thickness of the material is problematic; if the hinge cup is loose, if it is loose, the rivet is not tight and it is easy to fall off. Closed several times to see the indentation in the cup is not obvious. If it is obvious, it proves that there is a problem with the thickness of the cup, which is easy to "explode".

Since the hinge arm is formed of iron material, no screw is so hard and easy to wear; in addition, if the precision of the factory tapping is not enough, it is easy to cause the slippery wire or the screwing.