Handle buying knowledge

- Mar 25, 2019-

From the selection of materials, it is roughly divided into several types:

A variety of new handles add color to the home decoration. From the shape, there are tubular, strip, spherical and various geometric shapes. From the style, there are separate, double-headed, exposed, closed and so on. Both relatively avant-garde or casual, there are also ropes or hanging beads of the nostalgic hand. The selection of the handle must pay attention to the style, function and location of the furniture. In general, the relationship between the handle and the furniture has roughly two principles of treatment, either eye-catching or concealed.

First, stainless steel, mostly straight round stick type, the style is relatively simple, the color is relatively single, and there are few real stainless steel handles on the market.

Second, the so-called "stainless steel" or "alloy steel" on the market (actually called "zinc alloy" which is a variety of metal synthesis) should not fade, many styles, the color is mostly brushed nickel, bright chrome.

Third, the aluminum alloy handle, aluminum alloy has a profile handle (used in the production of cabinets) and small handles, this handle looks more economical and does not fade.

Fourth, the resin handle, mostly divided into reddish brown and white, but now used less.

Fifth, the plastic handle, this handle color and look are good, but the only shortcomings are not practical and not strong.

Sixth, ceramic handles, this kind of handle looks more, good-looking, durable, mostly used in antique and European decoration is quite popular.