General Administration of Market Supervision on Intelligent Door Lock Quality and Safety Consumption Warning

- May 22, 2019-

â–²Intelligent door lock is risky It is recommended to turn off face recognition.

The quality and safety of intelligent door locks is directly related to the family property and personal safety of thousands of households. Recently, the State Administration of Market Supervision organized the monitoring of the quality and security risks of smart door locks, and found that the intelligent door lock products have higher risks in remote unlocking and face recognition, and there are more hidden dangers in the identification and unlocking of the proximity cards. There are also hidden dangers in terms of anti-electromagnetic interference and fingerprint recognition.

In order to protect the safety of consumers' family property and personal safety, the General Administration of Market Supervision reminds consumers that when purchasing and using smart door lock products, the following points should be noted:

First, try to choose a reputable large-scale specialty store to buy, pay attention to check the product manual, factory name, supplier address phone, warranty and other certificates and information is complete, purchase invoices from the merchant to obtain valid documents such as invoices. When purchasing through the online platform, try to choose the official website of the production enterprise or the official flagship store of the online shopping platform to purchase.

Second, this risk monitoring found that the smart door lock with face recognition function and remote unlock function has higher security risk. It is recommended that consumers try not to use or turn off face recognition function and remote unlock function.

Third, it is recommended to purchase a smart door lock with input error alarm and anti-destructive alarm function. When the wrong operation is performed multiple times in succession or the protective panel is damaged by external force, the intelligent door lock should have corresponding alarm signal prompt.

4. When using the smart door lock with the information identification card unlock function, the information identification card should be properly kept in daily use to prevent illegal reading and copying.

5. When using the digital password unlock function, it is recommended that the user set a numeric password of 6 or more digits, and do not use consecutive digits or passwords of the same number.

6. When using the smart door lock with fingerprint recognition function, pay attention to whether there is residual foreign matter or physical damage in the fingerprint identification module in daily use. If the fingerprint identification module is found to be abnormal, stop using the fingerprint recognition function immediately, and contact Production enterprise solution.

7. When using the smart door lock equipped with mobile application remote monitoring, in order to strengthen the safety factor of the smart door lock, it is recommended to set a certain strength login password and replace it regularly, such as: eight-digit password length, combination of numbers and letters.

8. The intelligent door lock is equipped with emergency unlocking function. It is generally opened by mechanical means. It is recommended that the consumer keep at least one emergency unlocking key in a safe place other than the home.

Nine, it is recommended to enable the combination of unlocking methods, such as the use of password + fingerprint, password + information identification card and other two-factor authentication.