Gait recognition

- May 25, 2019-

Gait recognition is a relatively new biometric authentication technology that more and more researchers are paying attention to in recent years. It is a method of recognizing a person's identity through the way people walk.

Gait recognition is a non-contact biometric technology. Because it does not require human behavior; it is especially suitable for long-distance identification. This is unmatched by any biometric identification; it is not easy to disguise. It is a means of chasing criminals. It can not only analyze the actions of suspects caught by closed-circuit television, but also compare them with the attitude of suspects walking. In some homicides, the murderers often prevent you from seeing their faces, but they can see the way the murderer walks. The collection device is simple and economical. Because only one surveillance camera is needed. At present, the enterprises in the field of domestic gait recognition are most famous for the Milky Way.