Function to be used in conjunction of the electronic door lock

- Feb 03, 2019-

According to the application to determine the functional requirements, because different environments have different functional focus. As a financial institution office electronic locks, you must have the functions: all the key cards must have the time limit function, lock the door open records, a hierarchical management functions. In the basic functions, in order to adapt to the future development, you can consider the expansion of the lock system (the system can manage the staff office, public access, private access, etc.), consider the card system interface and other issues, to be real-time monitoring room door The state, in the case of unusual events can control the door open and so on. 

Electronic locks with the development of electronic technology emerged, in the use of convenience, anti-illegal opening, intelligent management is unmatchable mechanical locks, and therefore require a higher security industry is widely used. Commonly on the market are mainly magnetic cards, IC cards, TM cards, RF card electronic door locks.