For you to introduce several types of structural classification of column locks

- Jul 27, 2018-

For you to introduce several types of structural classification of column locks

In all metal parts, locks are the most numerous varieties, the most complex structure, and the most stringent part of project management. A wide variety of locks, because people are using various kinds of locks. The safety of door locks and damage prevention needs high levels of access in the public area, but the non lock lock needs to be durable, easy to lock the bathroom lock and display the needs and status. The security level of the complex structure, and from different special functions. If there is a same building door and window in the construction area, the key management must be in accordance with the management by the special person procedure, otherwise, the consequences can be imagined. Now the domestic large-scale construction has gradually accepted the key management system, which is the classification of the key systems. Lock and divide one of two points on the structure.

(1) chimerism lock:

One column type door lock key type is now a new fast lock-in in Europe, and also one of the locks of this type. The lock body is characterized in that the cylinder and the handle are integrated, and the installation is convenient and the function is simple. Column door lock actuators lock structure expansion, easy to fail. In the drive, the ball quality is closed with a special structural design to reduce the failure rate. The fast locking lock transmission structure is split as the axis of the handle and the location of the lock core and the reliability of the shaft are same. This kind of lock is often used in the door which is not required to be burglarproof. But this one to one disadvantage is that there is only one lock tongue, which is not easy to raise the level of protection. In addition, this form of locking handle is relatively simple, and users can choose a small range.

(2) separate lock:

Split locks, plug door locks are also referred to as various independent locks, cylindrical locks and handles formed. In Europe, the three part of the lock is an independent height produced by a specialized manufacturer. Manufacturers in the market offer a set of locks by cooperation, or a variety of locks are provided by an experienced professional sales company's hardware designer or user support plan. In fact, these professional sales companies play an important role in consultation. The existence of such a situation depends on the formulation of European standards, the seriousness of the standards, and the strict implementation of European manufacturing plants.