For the security door, the key to anti-theft is to see how the lock is!

- Dec 11, 2018-

For the security door, the key to anti-theft is to see how the lock is!

The so-called anti-theft is actually divided into two types, one is the time when the anti-technology is turned on, the other is the time when the anti-violence is turned on, and the most important thing for the door anti-theft is the lock.

Anti-theft lock This product is a national standard, divided into A-class, B-class, C-class. Generally, there are B-level locks and C-class locks on the market, but there are also some bad merchants shoddy, low-level. Pretending to be a high-level one, everyone must pay more attention when purchasing.

The use of regular big brands can be more assured, big brands will not be sloppy in these matters, certainly can not screw up their own brands, so basically the locks of big brands are not bad.

Speaking of violent unlocking, to be honest, we have not seen violence open now, because the movement is too big... it is easy to be discovered.

The thief is also working on his own mind, and is good at using high technology to unlock it.

Optimistic about a certain model of a certain brand, you can shop around, compare the price, each family still has a certain price floating, the general security door is the home decoration is more than the front of the order, pay attention to your home door is Not a special size, if it is, custom-made is a time period. If it is a regular size, it is generally available in stock.

This is now the mainstream lock, with a hook, you want to open it directly, it is impossible.

Technology is the trick of the thief! The way to open it is the same as when you use the key.

All the families that have been stolen are now opened by technology. The A grade is ten minutes, the B grade is 180 minutes, and the C grade is 480 minutes.

Class A is actually the most commonly used lock, also called padlock. The most common, most common, thieves are very easy to open.

The thief is opened with a special tool based on the security door that does not destroy your home at all.

So many users have to ask, how to buy the security door to see the level of the lock?

In fact, we only need to look at the key.

Like this kind of key belt slide is the best now! Looking like a car key?

There are also owners asking questions now that there will be a lot of fingerprint locks on the market, and it feels safer. Is there a level of fingerprint lock anti-theft?

The fingerprint lock is actually a change in the way of opening, but the internal structure is still a mechanical lock.

Did you see it? The fingerprint lock you open is also the structure of the mechanical lock, completely unchanged. But in the way of opening, it is really high-tech, very convenient.

Remember, whether it is fingerprints, human iris, face recognition, or magnetic cards, the internal structure of the lock is the same!

In addition, the door has a very important hardware component, which is the hinge. It is also an important factor in judging whether a security door is good or bad.

The hinge industry is also called hinges. The high-end doors are all hydraulic hinges. Because the door level is high, the corresponding weight will be heavy. Ordinary hinges cannot bear this weight.

These two kinds of hinges can withstand more than ton of weight, in fact, it is to ensure that you use the time is long, the door does not go away, does not sag.

The simple conclusion is that the thickness of the door panel is very important, the inner filler of the door is very important, and the lock is very important! ! !