Fingerprint recognition technology

- May 27, 2019-

It refers to the pattern pattern obtained by the unevenness of the skin on the front side of the finger end to distinguish the detailed feature points of different fingerprints.

Fingerprint recognition principle The pattern of different fingers is different in pattern, breakpoint and intersection. The starting point, end point, joint point and bifurcation point of the line are arranged to form different patterns, which are unique. By comparing these patterns Identify. Detailed>>

Process fingerprint image acquisition, fingerprint image processing, fingerprint feature extraction, fingerprint comparison and identification.

Advantages Fingerprints are unique features of the human body. Scanning is fast, inexpensive and very convenient.

Disadvantages People with less fingerprint characteristics are difficult to image, and fingerprints need to be recorded in the collection head, resulting in fingerprints being easily copied. In the case of an increasing number of people, the recognition accuracy will be significantly reduced.

Fingerprint recognition cracking With the widespread use of fingerprints, the acquisition is relatively simple, and the fingerprint extraction technology has become more simple. It can be cracked by manufacturing fingerprints.

How to do fingerprint identification is not sensitive. Regularly use non-dry tape/gentle detergent to clean the surface of the fingerprint recognition component, enter multiple fingerprints of the person, keep the finger clean and oil-free before fingerprint recognition, and ensure that the finger has enough contact area with the fingerprint identification.