Fingerprint recognition

- May 25, 2019-

China's second-generation ID card has achieved fingerprint collection, and all major smartphones have realized fingerprint unlocking. Compared with other biometric technologies, fingerprint recognition has been widely used in consumer electronics, security and other industries. Through time and practice testing, technology is constantly innovating. At present, China has already formed a complete fingerprint identification industry chain. For example, Huiding Technology, a listed company engaged in fingerprint chip design, and a domestic fingerprint identification chip manufacturer such as Si Liwei, Fei Engel and Mindwei.

Although each person's fingerprint recognition is unique, it does not apply to every industry and everyone. For example, people who work with their hands for a long time will be troubled by fingerprint recognition. If their fingers are damaged or wet or dry, the fingerprint recognition function will be invalid. In addition, in an environment with severe cold or cold weather, or where people need to wear gloves for a long time, this will make fingerprint recognition less convenient.