Fingerprint lock purchase nine small methods

- Nov 26, 2018-

Fingerprint lock purchase nine small methods

In the market, in addition to fingerprint recognition, some have the function of adding a password, so this kind of fingerprint lock is also often called fingerprint password lock. The fingerprint, password and emergency key can be turned on separately. The password function depends on the security setting. The password length is between 4-12 digits. The numeric keys generally use 0-9 full digital input mode. Of course, fingerprint locks are not as expensive as possible. When buying fingerprint locks, you should generally pay attention to "security, stability, versatility and intelligence."

1. Safety After installing the fingerprint lock, it should not affect the function of the security door. There are no obvious security risks in the lock.

2. Stability is the most important indicator of fingerprint lock. It usually takes more than one year of actual use to stabilize and stabilize. Consumers should choose the manufacturer that mainly produces fingerprint locks when purchasing. Such companies generally have good production experience. R&D experience is the beststabilizing factor.

3, versatility should be applied to most domestic security doors (in accordance with the 2008 version of the national standard for security doors), the amount of modification is small. Good fingerprint lock installation time should be no more than 30 minutes. Otherwise, it is generally difficult for users to complete the installation and maintenance themselves. The versatility is well designed to reduce dealer inventory.

4, intelligent to increase, delete and other operations, should be very simple, users do not have to remember too many passwords and codes. The high-performance fingerprint lock is also equipped with a video display system, which is convenient for users to operate.

5, the manufacturer brand If you ask me to choose the brand's fingerprint lock, I can only say that the best customer service, this is the focus of the choice of fingerprint lock. Only when the manufacturer's production quality is guaranteed, can the user's peace of mind be used; only if the manufacturer has after-sales protection, it is possible that someone can solve the problem in time (the product is not bad, we must not think that what we bought is impossible) Bad); only the quality of the manufacturer and the after-sales guarantee can prevent the user from being able to open the door and be locked out.

6, the function of the choice of lock function, on the one hand to meet their own needs, on the other hand is also the quality of the lock. A good company often has no more than 5 high, medium and low fingerprint locks for users to choose. Users generally choose to use their own products: there are metal doors and wooden doors for the entrance door, there are user interior doors, common to wooden doors, also used for villa doors and so on. The basic functions commonly used are: 1), it can be used for multiple people to open the door (more than one or two people in a house or office), the product quality should be stable, and the performance is good; 2), the door can be opened by permission (impossible for the head of the household and the babysitter) The cleaning tool has the same opening management authority; 3), can freely increase or decrease the opening fingerprint (the babysitter can easily remove her fingerprints when leaving the job); 4), it is better to have the inquiry record function (you can view the door-keeping record at any time, Sometimes it can become a key piece of evidence, usually with a display); 5), appropriate password function (the fingerprint part is after all, the electronic part may be bad, in the temporary case, the head of the household can open the door with a password), try not to choose when you choose Choose a product that is too prominent for passwords. After all, passwords are not as secure as fingerprints. There are usually 4 keys and 12 keys. In daily life, try not to use the password to open the door, which can effectively avoid being stolen; 6) It must be equipped with a mechanical key. This is an alternative way to open the door. Although the aircraft and the car have automatic control status, they still retain the manual. The control part is the same, this is a safety consideration; any electronic part has the possibility of error. Relatively speaking, the mechanical part is much more stable. The mechanical key that retains the lock is used as the alternate door opening method in the home, and can be in the electronic part of the door lock. When the problem occurs, the door is opened in time and the maintenance is convenient. Imagine if there was a fire in the house, or if the thief damaged the electronic part of your door because it didn't open the lock. Don't covet the so-called security in the psychological, but ignore the door and choose the door without mechanical key. lock. In fact, the use of fingerprint locks, the most important thing is not to improve security, but to enjoy the convenience of fingerprint locks, you need to strengthen the security of the fingerprint lock, you can let the fingerprint lock connect to the smart home system. At present, some fingerprint lock manufacturers reserve development ports for fingerprint locks. In the intelligent home, only the fingerprint locks need to be simply developed, and the state of the fingerprint locks can be monitored in real time, thereby improving the security of the fingerprint locks.

7), choose a good lock core. The quality of the mechanical key cylinder is directly related to the tamper resistance and stability of your door. This part is also very important, the fingerprint lock is good, and ultimately the core part is inseparable. Under normal circumstances, the manufacturer of fingerprint locks will choose high-grade lock cylinders, so that the quality of the products will be guaranteed. The most obvious is that consumers can look at the number of keys and the number of depths. Try to select multiple products with the number of marbles and the number of depths. The number of times the number of marbles in the depth and the number is the key amount of the mechanical key. The larger the key amount, the better the security. National standards generally require at least Class A locks. Good fingerprint lock manufacturers are generally equipped with Super Class B mechanical keys.

8), other fancy features are best not to. Basically, it is not practical. There is more than one function and one kind of bad possibility. If the product is broken, you will not repair it. If you repair it, the maintenance personnel will charge you for the maintenance (the door is not free).

7, style for the choice of lock style, people have their own good, this part is not conclusive. In general, look at the materials and the choice of appearance and color. At present, the lock material on the market is mainly made of stainless steel and zinc alloy, and also has aluminum alloy and plastic. If it is the entrance door, you must choose stainless steel or zinc alloy. If it is an interior door such as a bedroom, it does not matter. The way of surface treatment is also very important. Some products look luxurious and glamorous (especially the pictures on the Internet are designed renderings or processed photos), but users will find handles or other after buying them for a while. There are signs of fading in places that are frequently touched. Such products actually use spray paint instead of electroplating for surface treatment, which is a manifestation of a fooling user. Therefore, consumers must understand these details before purchasing, and agree with the manufacturer in advance how to solve such problems. Otherwise, the fingerprint lock that was bought for a few thousand dollars will fade in less than a year, and it really becomes a chicken rib.

8, the price is currently on the market, the price is different, there are high and low, the common type of fingerprint lock between 1500-4000 yuan, the villa type is higher. In general, consumers need to compare the cost performance of their products according to their own needs and purchasing power. The general principle is that one penny is worth the goods. In particular, it is necessary to enter the industry as a friend of the dealer, and it is necessary to make a serious comparison. It is best to go to the other company for on-the-spot investigation. The above experience, the finishing of the documents of the predecessors, the fingerprint lock has been in front of the reader in a clear way, I hope to help! Thank you for reading!

9, manufacturing materials, as the saying goes: a penny of goods. When purchasing, it is necessary to look at the product materials. The mainstream materials are mainly zinc alloys, and some of them are made of iron sheets. Some manufacturers also use plastic materials in large quantities. Most of the manufacturers of locks for key components use cast iron as raw material and some use stainless steel. Users should also look at the specific materials when purchasing. Different materials, safety and durability are different. Appearance treatment, divided into electroplating, baking varnish two. The latter looked very good at first sight, but it was easy to wear. The latter is very durable, but the scrap rate and manufacturing cost are high.