Fingerprint lock purchase

- Mar 03, 2019-

Fingerprint lock purchase

Advantages and disadvantages of the fingerprint head

1. Optical fingerprint head:

Advantages: stability, durability and resistance to damage.

Disadvantages: The recognition speed is slow and the recognition rate is average.

2. Semiconductor fingerprint head:

Advantages: The recognition speed is extremely fast, the recognition rate is high, and the price is cheap.

Disadvantages: After the wear-resistant period, the fingerprint recognition rate is seriously reduced.

Advantages and disadvantages of the lock body

1. Self-elastic lock body:

The lock tongue will pop up automatically when the door is closed. Mechanical automatic locking, the most convenient one.

2, anti-lift lock body:

After closing the door, you need to lift the handle to pop the lock tongue. In other words, you must manually lock the door after closing the door.

3. Electronically controlled lock body:

After closing the door, the electronic sensing component acts to turn the locking tongue out. Automatically locked, the lock body of this type of lock body is small, and the world pole needs to be removed during installation.

Advantages and disadvantages of the lock cylinder

1, the true mortise lock: through the lock body, using a B-class lock core.

Advantages: good anti-theft performance, not easy to open by key sleeve.

Disadvantages: high cost, the price of such fingerprint locks is generally not cheap.

2, false mortise lock: not through the door, inserted from the panel, the use of A-class lock core.

Advantages: good concealment and cheap.