Fingerprint lock market trend analysis

- Nov 20, 2018-

Fingerprint lock market trend analysis

According to statistics, the number of access control in China is about 500,000 or more per year. At present, the application of fingerprint recognition in access control is only about 1%. According to the general foreign ratio, it should be about 20%. In other words, the market gap for bio-identification products in the domestic security industry is around 95,000 units. Another obvious situation is that there are few companies specializing in fingerprint readers and fingerprint access control production and sales, so there are two in this market. An obvious feature: large market and less competition.

At this stage, the main competition objects of fingerprint locks are induction cards, combination locks and high-grade mechanical locks. These locks for the high-end lock market have their own strengths. For the fingerprint lock market, if the concept of fingerprint lock avant-garde is really instilled and imprinted in the minds of consumers, then it is difficult to sell at the terminal. It will be a lot less, but from the current concept of promotion, there is still a great distance, in the next one to two years, fingerprint locks can not become a mass consumer goods.

Dividing the market on the competitive level, we can find that the target group of fingerprint locks must be high-end young and middle-aged people, and this type of person is just the typical example of chasing the frontier of the market. Studying such people, it is not difficult to find that word-of-mouth communication accounts for a considerable proportion of their influence in the consumption process. That is to say, for them, the price is not the dominant factor. They are concerned about the safety and convenience that the fingerprint lock claims to be, and whether the advantages can be turned into real life enjoyment when it is acceptable. Based on the above factors, the future development of fingerprint locks can be explored, with good product performance, and a good after-sales mechanism is the key to a fingerprint lock brand based on the market, and the foundation for the full-speed development of the entire industry.

In terms of competition, fingerprint competition has been fierce in the field of engineering heavy volume in the past two years. Throughout the entire fingerprint lock market, many manufacturers in the civilian sector are in a state of stagnation, and they all have a wait-and-see attitude. At present, the era of successful engineering bidding is supported by brands and success stories. In other words, the overall advantages of the fingerprint lock industry, including the highlights of design, R&D, production and sales, are still focused on some companies. Therefore, the real start of the fingerprint lock market still needs a process, of course, the time will not be too long, many fingerprint lock companies have been ready to serve, to meet the baptism and challenges.

From the current market sales situation, consumers who accept fingerprint locks have some common characteristics, such as having a certain economic ability, prefer new things, paying more attention to fashionable things, and attaching importance to the health and safety of themselves and their families. Focus on quality of life and so on. The target consumer groups of fingerprint locks should be relatively clear and fixed. They have a relatively stable career and family, and their concerns are similar.