Fingerprint lock installation instructions

- Mar 24, 2019-

1) Fingerprint door lock is a high-tech product. The environment in which the door lock should be used plays an important role in the normal use of the door lock, especially in the environment where dust or air contains high corrosive substances, which will greatly affect the door lock. Normal use. Therefore, it is recommended that you install the door lock after the room has been renovated to facilitate the normal use of the door lock and extend the service life of the door lock.

2) After the door lock is installed and debugged, please register the administrator in time to facilitate the better use of the fingerprint door lock. We recommend that when registering the fingerprint, it is best to back up a fingerprint or a set of passwords for fingerprinting. The door can be opened normally under accidents such as wear.

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3) The quality of the fingerprint door lock installation directly affects the normal use and service life of the door lock. It is recommended that experienced personnel install it and install it in strict accordance with the company's installation standards.

4) Fingerprint lock is the perfect combination of world's tip biometric technology and traditional electronic door lock. In order to make you feel better and more advanced, please read the operating instructions carefully before use.