Fingerprint lock installation

- Mar 04, 2019-

Fingerprint lock installation

Determine the hole position: Before marking, you must first determine which holes on the mounting die are the holes to be opened according to the way the door is opened.

Determine the installation height of the lock: lock the front and rear body wires, the direction of the socket and the plug to ensure the connection is correct; first determine the installation height of the lock before installation, after setting the height, attach the mounting die to the corresponding position, and then draw the hole with the pencil. s position.

The lock body is kept perpendicular to the door: when the hole is drawn, the mold flange must be perpendicular to the door frame, otherwise the lock body cannot be perpendicular to the door after installation. The lock cylinder is generally required to be installed in the middle of the door thickness.

Clean up the foreign matter: After opening the hole in the door frame, be sure to clean the wood chips or other foreign matter in the hole to prevent the door from falling into the lock body when the switch vibrates.

Keep the lock body clean and tidy: Do not drop abnormal things such as wood chips or iron filings from the lock body gap into the lock body, causing short circuit of electronic components or jamming of other components.

Cylinder installation: After the lock cylinder is installed in the mounting hole, the surface of the lock cylinder cannot be higher than the surface of the door frame, preferably in the same plane.

Snap plate installation: The hole position of the gusset plate must correspond to the position of the lock tongue. If the correspondence is not good, the door will be loose or cannot be closed, and the safety tongue cannot be inserted into the hole of the gusset plate.

Lock body installation: Screw fastening must be in place, no gap between the lock body and the door. The connection of the wires must be correct and the connection is secure, otherwise the door lock will not work properly.