Fingerprint hardware locks purchase standard introduction

- Dec 06, 2018-

Fingerprint hardware locks purchase standard introduction

Is there an authoritative project approval?

Before the fingerprint lock was used, it was generally used in places with high levels of confidentiality and security protection. Civilization was developed in recent years. Reliable fingerprint lock brands are generally used in some national authorities.

For example, fingerprint locks are used in the Great Hall of the People's Office building. These authoritative projects recognize: First, the cutting-edge technology of fingerprint locks has been recognized by the state, and second, the credibility of the brand strength of this brand is affirmed.

Is there more point lock protection?

Nowadays, social problems are complicated, and the security of door locks is more important. Fingerprint locks are generally made of stainless steel lock tongues. However, most fingerprint locks are single-lock tongues, especially Korean locks, which are not suitable for Chinese people.

Because South Korea's lock single lock, it is easy to be opened, or can not achieve the anti-theft and anti-riot performance. The fingerprint lock with multi-point lock tongue is by far the most superior and the highest security performance. So choosing a fingerprint lock doesn't just look at the appearance, it depends on the inside.

Have you used biometric fingerprinting technology?

The key to fingerprint locks as a new generation of door locks is the use of biometric fingerprint recognition technology to exploit the uniqueness and non-replicability of human fingerprints. Here is a global introduction to biometric fingerprinting technology in the United States.

Because the fingerprints of each of the more than 5 billion people in the world are unique, this is not the same as the leaves in the world. In addition, the biometric fingerprint recognition technology in the United States has certain requirements on the temperature, temperature, and even the speed of blood flow when using fingerprint recognition, and prevents the hidden dangers of copying and using fingerprints of the criminals, which is well solved. The problem of other people copying the key to open the door, to ensure the safety of use, so that the fingerprint lock has an unparalleled high security performance.

Is there a wide range of customers?

What most people buy is definitely a good thing. The fingerprint lock can be used in a wide range, indicating that the quality of the fingerprint lock of this brand is feasible, the word of mouth is good, or it will not be purchased by a steady stream of users.

It is best to have a global user choice, which means that the fingerprint lock continuously enhances the use value, establishes an interactive experience with the user, and comprehensively enhances the user's trust in using the fingerprint lock.

Fingerprint locks belong to high-tech security products and are more and more popular. Especially with the Chinese people paying attention to the quality of life, then installing an international standard high-end fingerprint lock brand product on their own door will undoubtedly show the taste and temperament of the home.

Is there an ANSI certification?

The fingerprint lock was actually introduced to China from the United States in 2005. At that time, the United States high-end fingerprint lock brand Dijir and the world's top 500 companies Ingersoll-Rand dominated the high-end fingerprint lock market. Therefore, the general quality and reliable fingerprint locks must pass the highest quality level in the United States - ANSI certification.

As the highest level of the most stringent quality certification in the world, ANSI certification is the guarantee and symbol of high quality products. The certification carries out rigorous testing of the operation, life, strength, safety, surface and materials of the product, requires uniform standards, unified technology, unified interpretation, and achieves a consistent understanding of standards and technical requirements to enhance the core competitiveness of the product. The buyer's greatest trust.

Is there a full anti-proof design?

As a high-tech product for door lock security, fingerprint lock not only protects family property, but also allows family members to use it with confidence. In particular, the problems of some contradictions in today's society still exist, and it is very important that the fingerprint lock has a full-proof design.

The high security performance fingerprint lock will perfectly match the traditional mechanical technology and modern high-tech fingerprint recognition technology. It has anti-theft, anti-riot, waterproof, fireproof, moistureproof, anti-corrosion, temperature proof, shockproof, anti-wear, rainproof, sunscreen, etc. The 360° full-defense patented design and the structure are made of pure stainless steel to achieve the highest safety precautions.