Face recognition smart door lock purchase points

- May 23, 2019-

1, both appearance and function.

The face recognition smart lock is a household durable product that is used in a variety of doors. So the first principle of face recognition smart lock design is two words: concise. Many face recognition smart locks are designed to be very large. The products are very luxurious, but once installed, they are often very awkward and particularly attractive. The face recognition smart locks released on the market now have different colors to meet the various needs of customers.

2. The mechanical lock cylinder determines the anti-theft performance.

Now the face recognition smart lock can be divided into two types; one is without a lock cylinder, and the other is with a lock core. According to the regulations, the fingerprint lock is to be equipped with a lock cylinder. After all, the face recognition smart lock is an electronic device, and a fault condition occurs, and the face recognition smart lock with the lock core can open the door when the electronic part fails. Smart locks are factory-standard with mechanical lock cylinders and traditional keys for your occasional needs.

3. After-sales service technology.

In the purchase of face recognition smart locks need to be installed at home, there is a problem, it is necessary to send the staff to the door for maintenance. Therefore, the quality of the installation and the corresponding speed requirements after the sale are very high. Therefore, it is necessary to look at the professional skills of after-sales customer service personnel, and the speed of feedback on the problem is all considered. The brand-name smart door lock provides on-site service, completely solving the worries of using face recognition smart door locks.