Face recognition door lock merchant response to the General Administration of Markets

- May 22, 2019-

▲I believe in intelligent product technology, cater to science, and set strict regulatory standards to jointly promote the development of face recognition intelligent door lock industry.

The quality and safety of intelligent door locks is directly related to the family property and personal safety of thousands of households. However, it is necessary to suggest that the State Administration of Markets and Regulations: Any new things have their own advantages. We must believe in technology and cater to science. In particular, the current market face lock performance varies, and the quality is uneven. A stick is killed. For example, some face recognition door lock technology company's face algorithm is a very advanced technology. It has been stably shipped in batches, anti-photo, anti-video, fake face, near-infrared fill light, indoor, outdoor and even dark environment. Can be used in the middle, self-learning function, adaptive face change. Fully automatic somatosensory infrared + black color dual camera, live face algorithm is a more secure biological algorithm than fingerprint and other algorithms.

At present, consumers have gradually formed a sense of dependence on smart products. According to incomplete statistics, the sales volume of smart locks in 2018 has reached 16 million, an increase of 100% over the previous year. Therefore, the relevant departments of the state are urged to implement strict testing standards and let the market The economy forms a benign form of competition, allowing users to use the security, safe use, face recognition and fingerprints. The market economy trend of biometric smart locks is firmly convinced that it cannot be blocked, and it is also the product of the development of market rules.