Face recognition attendance machine principle

- May 26, 2019-

A series of related techniques for capturing and tracking a face with a camera or camera and automatically detecting and tracking the face in the image, and then performing face contrast analysis on the detected face, usually called portrait recognition, face Identification.

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The image feature processing technology is used to extract the portrait feature points from the video, and the principle of biostatistics is used to analyze and construct the face feature template. When the registered person walks in front of the face recognition machine, it will have a voice prompt "Hello" or the name of the person indicating that the attendance has been successful.

Moreover, it also has an image update function. If the image being taken is taken as the first face, the second face is stored, and if the first face image is consistent with the second face image, the face recognition attendance machine The first face image will be automatically saved to update the second face image. The method can keep the user's face image updated, reduce the influence of the face shape change on the recognition, and increase the accuracy of the recognition.

Face recognition attendance machine crack

Face recognition attendance machine cracking is very simple, you can use a photo of yourself, if you have a live recognition function, use MP5 to record a video of your own blinking eyes, and then play the camera against the attendance machine.

Face recognition attendance machine use note:

1. Your photo portrait must be within the frame; when sampling, as long as the face is within the mirror range, it is possible to have the line of sight parallel or low at the center of the mirror.

2. Please keep the face in the photo facing the mirror with the attendance machine at a distance of about 30-80cm. Keep your eyes on the center of the mirror, slowly move the face back and forth, and keep the sample natural.

3. Try to keep the sampling environment consistent with the attendance environment during sampling. It is recommended to sample at the place where the attendance machine is placed.

4, please keep your expression natural, avoid closed eyes, strabismus, hair covering your eyes, sampling and attendance, please do not wear glasses in the photo, so it can facilitate faster attendance.

5. Do not use near windows that are exposed to sunlight.

Face recognition attendance machine troubleshooting

1, prompt database connection error

In the process of using many users, there is no "king" in the lower right corner of the reaction machine. When the software is opened, the connection database error is prompted. There are two ways to solve this situation. One is to restart the management server, if it is restarted, If you want to check the computer firewall settings, there is a problem.

2. Prompt error when running the software

When you open the software, it will prompt "invalid database". If the user encounters this situation, you need to reinstall the firebird database management software. There are two specific methods, everyone can try it. First, open the 5.3 software installation directory, find install_super.bat, and click Execute. If it is still the same, you can find fbclient.dll in the directory, then change its file name to GDS32.dll, and finally copy the modified file to the system32 folder. (If it is 64 for the system, please copy it to the system64 folder)

3. Error when clicking employee management

Many users can log in and use after installation, but when clicking the employee management option, an error occurs. The solution to this problem is to find the midas.dll and midas_register.bat files in the 5.3 software installation directory, and then copy them to the system32 file. The file may encounter the same file name when pasted. In the case of replacement, just click on Replace.

4, there is an English error message when connecting FK158

When using the face recognition attendance machine to connect to the FK158, no matter whether the machine is connected normally, an English error message will appear. At this time, open the 5.3 software installation directory, find Fk158_register.bat in the dev/file, and then double-click it to execute. .

5, the serial port can not communicate

Many users react to the situation where communication is impossible. At this time, check whether the version of the software corresponds. If the software does not correspond to the machine, it will not be able to download. You only need to download the software that can be synchronized on the official website.

6, the administrator forgot the password

If you encounter the attendance machine administrator forgetting the password, don't panic, you can find the way of communication in the client's software, and then delete the administrator who set it before. However, if it is a model with a secure connection, it is necessary to contact the after-sales service of the attendance machine to allow the person in the after-sales department to decipher.

7, face recognition attendance machine can not be identified

The possible reason is that the face recognition angle is incorrect, the face is blocked or the makeup is too thick, change the angle, remove the glasses, sunglasses, masks, etc., remove the hair, remove the makeup and try again. If the above method does not work, then the face recognition information may be lost. Please use other attendance methods and re-enter the face information.