Face recognition

- May 24, 2019-

The human face is as natural as other biological characteristics of the human body (fingerprint, iris, etc.). Its uniqueness and good characteristics that are not easily reproduced provide the necessary premise for identity identification, and face recognition compared with other types of biometrics. Has the following characteristics:

Non-mandatory: the user does not need to cooperate with the face collection device, and the face image can be obtained almost in an unconscious state. Such sampling method is not “mandatory”;

Non-contact: Users can obtain facial images without direct contact with the device;

Concurrency: In the actual application scenario, multiple face sorting, judgment and recognition can be performed;

It conforms to the visual characteristics: the characteristics of “seeing people”, as well as the features of simple operation, intuitive results and good concealment.

At present, the face recognition technology is very mature, and the domestic industrial chain is also becoming more and more perfect. At present, almost all computer vision enterprises are doing face recognition, such as Vision Technology, Geling Squat, Shangtang Technology, and Christie Extension and so on.

Face recognition has a relatively high level of convenience while its security is relatively weak. The accuracy of recognition will be affected by many factors such as the ambient light and recognition distance. In addition, when the user makes some changes to the face through makeup and facelifting, it will also affect the accuracy of face recognition. These are all technical problems that enterprises need to break through.