Electronic password lock security door features

- Mar 29, 2019-

1. The lock body is made of super strong zinc alloy technology, making it durable and durable.

2, more use infrared touch screen password board, do not press by hand, just gently slide over, you can freely set 5-12 password, convenient and simple.

3. When the system of the electronic code lock security door detects a physical impact or illegal opening attempting to invade, the intrusion alarm function automatically starts and issues a strong alarm.

4, electronic password lock anti-theft door built-in automatic temperature sensing system, when the indoor temperature exceeds 55 degrees, the door lock is automatically released, and an alarm is issued, and the temperature is automatically contacted when the temperature returns to normal.

5, remote control, password, emergency key, all IC traffic cards, bank cards can be opened as identification cards, with a variety of opening methods, free and convenient, especially the emergence of random codes, so that thieves are at a loss, the probability of being stolen It is also reduced by 90%.

6. The use of high-voltage resistant technology enables the core of the electronic code lock security door to be used for normal alarm when subjected to high-voltage electric shock. This technology greatly improves the safety performance of the machine.

7, fully automatic operation is easier to use, and will not worry about forgetting to lock the door. If the door is not closed properly, the alarm will sound every 20 seconds.

8. When the door lock detects that the power of the electronic code lock security door is insufficient, it will automatically prompt to prevent the battery timing from being missed.