Door lock installation steps

- Mar 24, 2019-

1. Marking: Mark the high line on both sides of the door and the door frame. According to the size shown in the installation die, mark the contour line of the hole position and the center line of the hole hole on the door, and drill the mounting holes according to the dimension. The door lock can be installed.

2. Drilling: Drill 8 mm of 4 mounting holes with electric drill, and 34MM diameter wire hole and 20MM square shaft through hole. Open the hole of the 25X50MM square hole 95X30X5MM with electric drill and wood chisel at the door.

Install the lock cylinder: Verify that the hole positions of the lock body are consistent with the installation hole position. Press the lock cylinder and tighten it with screws. After completion, check the pop-up condition of the lock tongue.

Install the outer lock body: pad the waterproof rubber pad, wear the wire through the perforation and position the mounting holes, first use 2 screws, pass the mounting plate in the door, and fix the door front body part on the door in the lower part.

3. Install the rear lock body: Connect the connecting wires of the front and rear lock body according to the correct interface, insert the wire into the socket of the lock body according to different joints, and then connect the knob square shaft to ensure the front and rear lock body and the lock core are reliable. Connect, and finally fix the lock body to the door with screws.

4. Install the battery and battery cover: After inserting the battery into the battery case in the correct positive and negative directions, close the battery cover.

5. Function detection: After the installation is completed, refer to the user manual to check whether all relevant functions of the lock are normal.