Door handle purchase

- Mar 24, 2019-

First, adapt to local conditions

When decorating home, everyone wants to use the money on the blade. How to choose a suitable and cost-effective door handle for your new home? In a word, adapt to local conditions. For example, the household door must be strong and insured, and the Ministry of Public Security has the best certification, while the interior door pays more attention to beauty and convenience. The bedroom door and the living room door are not often closed, and they are not often locked. The number of switches can be guaranteed to be less. Generally, 100,000 times is enough. 200,000 times is a bit "big and small", and the door lock of the bathroom. The frequency of the switch and the lock is high, and it is necessary to buy a door handle with a better quality and a higher number of switches. In addition, the purchase of door handles can not ignore the health factors. For example, the bathroom is suitable for holding copper handles. Because stainless steel door handles look clean, they actually produce thousands of germs, including gram bacteria, E. coli, and streptococci. The bacteria on the brass door handles are much less than those on the stainless steel door handles because copper has the effect of destroying bacteria. Therefore, it is recommended that you have a brass door handle in your bathroom at home, which is good for your health.

Second, accurately identify the difference between the import handles

High-grade imported door handles have a full set of imported and imported parts for domestic assembly, the price is different, should pay attention to distinguish when buying. Moreover, if the merchant says that it is imported, he should be able to issue a customs order.

Third, recognize the price of the door handle

The door handle of pure copper is not necessarily more expensive than stainless steel, depending on the craft. Moreover, the plastic door handle is beautiful and it is best not to buy it, because its strength is not enough, once it is broken, even the door can not open.